About Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a very strong, light, and expensive composite material or fiber-reinforced polymer. The polymer is usually epoxy which is reinforced by carbon fiber. Depending on the orientation of the fiber, the carbon fiber composite can be stronger in a certain direction or equally strong in all directions. A small piece can withstand an impact of many tons and still deform minimally. The complex interwoven nature of the fiber makes it very difficult to break.

This synthetic material is corrosion-resistant, stiff and has unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio. It is commonly found in aerospace, racecars, sailboats, modern bicycles and motorcycles where the high strength-to-weight ratio is of importance. For example, carbon fiber is used instead of titanium to make modern bicycle which typically costs multiple thousand dollars. Carbon fiber also finds its way to consumer goods such as laptops, tripods, jewelry, fishing rods, archery equipment, racquet frames, golf clubs etc.